You Dont Know Me

My name is Choi Junhong, but most people call me Zelo. I am 17 years old but don't judge me by my age. Don't be scared to talk to me, I don't bite... Unless you like that~.
S/O: Bisexual R/S: Taken by My angel

Sexy Men
Beautiful Women


u know someone is having a rough day when their favorite song plays and they don’t sing along

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Be right baaack~

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Reasons to marry me: We'd eat pizza and listen to good music together and we'd probably fuck 14 times a week and buy too many pets and build pillow forts.
We'd fuck 14 times a day if that's even more of an incentive ;)
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when ur outfit on point but ur plans get cancelled


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you deserve far more than i /// t.f.

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B.I will also do a feature in Epik High’s new album

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good morning babes


have a fabulous day today okay

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i want kisses and maybe a little bit of rough sex 

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